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Friday, September 5, 2014

Naruto's Parents rode a Tram in Myanmar, and met someone in Portland :)

Hello eveyone! The "ber" months have started rolling, and sooner or later, there will be more Christmas posts about here again.

To start off, I got these four postcards this Wednesday.

The first one is sent from China. How cute of this anime couple :)

This one is an official postcard :) It was in my favorites wall. This shot was taken in the year 2005, and you can see the tram in Wroclaw, Poland.
The Philippines, I believed have trams before.

This one is sent from a twitter pal who is from Thailand. She sent me this Myanmar postcard, 
which I think is very cool!

And this one too is very nice :) It looks like a homemade card, scanned. 
Then professionally printed.

I just love how it looks so 3d, yet it's two dimensional.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Anime Cards :) Clannad, Shugo Chara, and two more

Hello everyone! Time to show you some anime cards that I have been receiving lately :) Watching Japanese animation was part of my childhood until elementary. Sadly, I have to stay it put behind when I entered high school and college, because of my focus in studies. But still, I am an anime baby :)

Take a look at this card:

This is a somehow vintage-y designed card of Arale, from Dragonball. It's an official card sent by karto4ka from Russia :) There are two nice stamps in the back. She has a Russian site which you can probably visit (there are pictures)

This next postcard is from a swap with a girl from Ukraine! Thank you Nastya (NastyaHolmes) for this one. Will be replying to you soon!

Now, I really don't know what anime is she from. I asked my sister if she recognizes this one, and she mentioned that she has a lot of lookalikes. In the card, it just says "Beautiful girl anime".

Moving on, this week, last August 27, I have received this card from China, sent as an official:

It's a SHUGO CHARA card :D :D 
It was sent by Evangeline, a student from China who would like to collect postcards, stamps, coins, and finding a penpal :3 
YEE! *squeals*

But what's amazing is that, the day after, 
I received another anime card... which I think is from the same publisher!!

This time, it's a CLANNAD card :) Hellooo Nagisa!
It was sent from Indonesia as an official card. Thank you Amelia (chopamelia) for this card!

The reason why I think it is very coincidence-y is because... both cards have the same size,
and almost the same design for the back. 

Do you collect anime cards as well? I'd love to see your collection! Drop a comment.
Or if you like we could swap ^^

What's ironic?
None of these cards were sent from Japan.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Grand Canal in China, and Texan Flowers :)

Herbalization sent this UNESCO Card depicting a part of the Grand Canal in China. According to him, this shows a section in Taierzhuang.

There were also matching stamps as well! Oh thank you so much! Wasn't expecting to receive a surprise card from you :)

This card is an official card sent by Rhonda from Texas. 
Thank you so much for this flowers card, 
it's pretty alright that you still send them :) Thank you so much!
Great to know that you have learned something about the Philippines! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Strawberry Heart and Taiwan; and Friendship Books

These are the mail my brother and I received yesterday, June 11.

A night view of Tainan, Taipei
This is my brother's second official postcard.

I also received this one from Fridoline. She was so nice to send a handmade card, and they are even hearts :D :D 


Thank you so much for surprising me! It was a lovely random act of smileness ^^

It's a selfmade card, but I totally enjoyed receiving this one :D
Cheers for that!

I also got a Korean Catalogue, 
and a packet of friendship books sent by Mary Clark from the United States. :)

Just edited this:

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Angkor Wat, Cambodia; Tibet; and Australia & Norfolk Island

Oh how just I missed blogging! I missed scanning postcards, and taking pictures of everything sent. Hello everyone! Thank you so much for being loyal in this blog.

Today, I'm going to feature three postcards that I just received today. The mailman arrived while I was sleeping.

So the first postcard is sent by a very nice backpacker from Indonesia. I found her name on Twitter. Thank you so much @sheilakartika! It was very nice of you. And it is very nice of you that you even sent a postcard to me, despite of the horrible pickpocket situation O.O!

I hope I can also go to Indonesia sometime :)

This postcard is sent by sky_wang from his trip to Tibet, China. Thank you so much for this lovely card! I know a person who went into Tibet, and did an amazing thing there.

This postcard was given by a nice lady from Australia. I think this was sent from Norfolk Island Maxicard, but the postcard is from Australia. Thank you to Sharon (scubaduba) for this UNESCO Card ;)
This card features the Old Military Barracks at Kingston, Norfolk Island. 
Kingston is a part of the World Heritage Site. 

She even has this Kangaroo postmark.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Have a Merry Christmas! 2013

Be greeted by this green pig from Angry Birds! This card is an official card, sent by a lady from Finland. She has put the Christmas Finnish stamp in it too :D

This card was sent by a Korean, who also studied in the Philippines two years ago.

This is the Christmas card sent by our mother in Australia. It also has a Christmas stamp on the envelope.

This was sent by Ms. Annika from Sweden, for the Ugly Cards lottery.
There are no reindeer for this Santa Claus - he's arriving by boat. Local resident Ed McGinn, who owned the first service station in Cape Coral, was the first boat-going Santa, and none of the kids guessed who he was.

This lovely Christmas card was sent by Ms. Mandi from Las Vegas. She even included bookmarks in the card :D  Thank you!

 nmugirl sent a very cute Hello Kitty Christmas card!
Inside, she taped a Christmas penny, and included a bookmark and stickers :)
Thank you!

Ms. Lange sent a Stonehenge Christmas card. I really didn't thought that it was a Christmas card, until I realized that it was a folded card. 
Stonehenge - Winter Sunset

This was sent by Mooshi the cat :)

Thank you so much for this adorable letter, and the Christmas tags!
They really made me happy!

Here's my Christmas Homework.. I really wanted to share it with you guys :

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Malaysian and Philippine Covers

Today, I got the following in the mail:

This one is from Tita Anette Sunga (jts). She has sent a lovely cover of stamps. Inside are mint stamps for the travelling envelope. I really loved the USA ones.

As for this envelope, this one is filled with nontouristic postcards. wishfulkelly was so nice to send 7!

Thank you