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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last Mail for 2011

I haven't been updating here in this blog... mostly because of the scanner hasn't been working, but now it works!

Before showing you guys the last piece of mail I got, here are some random mail I got from my stash that I would like to share.

'Nobody could call Mr. Tod "nice". He was of a
wandering habit and he had foxy whiskers.'
                                               From THE TALE OF MR. TOD by Beatrix Potter

Got this postcard from a private swap from 

The next card is one of the most unique postcards that I have received! And it's all thanks to Treksek and her lottery.

and here's the message behind...

This postcard came all the way from 


Green is the Color of the Postcard I have received from a Swap from Canada.

and here's a Favorite of Mine from France

Nouvelles Images, and was favorited 63 times.

Thanks to Mme Annick for sending this card to me! Oh you don't know how you made my day :)

I wasn't able to keep track of my favorite postcards, and thus, I think, I'm going to restart for 2012 about the favorites part.

I'll be cleaning that up.

And of course, one of the most nicest thing I have received is a Christmas Card on December 23, sent by Kuya Joe Blaza

Sent on the 19th and Received on 23rd... He's just in another city, a ride away from my place. That took 4 days to travel.


Most likely, it's a penpal letter from Poland.
I wonder who's it from?
Hoping I would get a new friend :)                                      

Have a Fantastic 2012, dear Reader!