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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Have a Merry Christmas! 2013

Be greeted by this green pig from Angry Birds! This card is an official card, sent by a lady from Finland. She has put the Christmas Finnish stamp in it too :D

This card was sent by a Korean, who also studied in the Philippines two years ago.

This is the Christmas card sent by our mother in Australia. It also has a Christmas stamp on the envelope.

This was sent by Ms. Annika from Sweden, for the Ugly Cards lottery.
There are no reindeer for this Santa Claus - he's arriving by boat. Local resident Ed McGinn, who owned the first service station in Cape Coral, was the first boat-going Santa, and none of the kids guessed who he was.

This lovely Christmas card was sent by Ms. Mandi from Las Vegas. She even included bookmarks in the card :D  Thank you!

 nmugirl sent a very cute Hello Kitty Christmas card!
Inside, she taped a Christmas penny, and included a bookmark and stickers :)
Thank you!

Ms. Lange sent a Stonehenge Christmas card. I really didn't thought that it was a Christmas card, until I realized that it was a folded card. 
Stonehenge - Winter Sunset

This was sent by Mooshi the cat :)

Thank you so much for this adorable letter, and the Christmas tags!
They really made me happy!

Here's my Christmas Homework.. I really wanted to share it with you guys :