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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blog Post w/Fbs

This is another late blog post, but I'd just like to share to you a fellow swapper's blog:

Rainbows under moonlight

The writer, who's Singaporean by the way, wrote quick reviews about the blogs that she has visited, and this site is one of them :)

Well for the mean time, here are some pictures of the mail that I have sent for the month of June:

Postcards, and an aerogram..

These are the friendship books that I sent for 50 grams fb swap. The one with the Domo kun is mine.

I really like how this envelope turned out. I hope she enjoyed the very beautiful stamps that I have put on her envelope.

Fbs, and penpals..

So basically, that's it. These week, I have been receiving postcards, letters from pen-pals, and friendship books from here and there. I also got Filipino friends swapping with me :)

I got a new friend from Cagayan de Oro, and another one from Visayas. :) They're older than me, but I'm happy :) 

Also received very awesome mail from Miku of Japan! I got the fbs that you sent today! Thank you so much for registering them! I really appreciate the effort and money. Going to pass them on soon!

School has been very occupying lately, and here I am.

Do you think I should open up another blog? I'm thinking about it.... 

There are other blogs here and there. I wonder what will by my cutting edge??


  1. I love all this happy mail and the fbs! :) I really need to get into making them!


  2. Beautiful mail! I like especially the postcard with a big mouth. And I bet your friend will like that envelope decorated with stamps.

  3. This is nice. I think i also have a friend who does this swap. it really feels good to receive mail the traditional way :) thanks for visiting my blog!


  4. Thanks for mentioning my blog :)
    I still cannot figure out how does the fb works... so when we join a swap for it and our partners send us one we just randomly send it out to the other partners?

    1. Hi friend ;)
      I'm happy that you've commented here :)

      Somehow it works like that.
      First, you need to have friendship books. You can make them, or have someone send them to you. You always put your details in them - Name/Address/Email/what you swap. FBs always have the person of whose it for, and who made it.

      Then, when you join a swap, you send the friendship books to your partner.

      Whenever you receive an fb, you put your label on it. You can also write too.

      If you still have inquiries, just let me know ;)

    2. Thanks Jabi for sharing :) Maybe I join one when I got my new place address :)

  5. beautiful letters! :)
    maybe would you like to be my pen pal? :D