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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A lost card, Jetoy, and Justin Bieber :D

Good morning!

So today, I got three postcards. I also got last week's mail (which were my first mail that I received for the year 2013.)

Let me share them to you first...

JANUARY 8, 2013 - Tuesday
I got flamingold's card from the Chain RR... but not decided to have it scanned. Later on, if she posts a picture of it, I will.

Good news is that, I got my Chain Card (Group 312), and here it is *gasps*

This card travelled to Singapore, Belgium, Taiwan, China, and Japan... from August 9, 2012 to January 8, 2013. Isn't that neat? I also have a picture of this card before it was filled.

It was like this:

JANUARY 9, 2013 - Thursday

From my beloved Ate Micah :) I am currently walking her papers so that she can have her TOR. She sent me that General Clearance which was needed badly with a signature.

JANUARY 10, 2013 - Friday

toastiecallie surprised me in the mail! I got this neat Pucca card from her :) 

and I cannot just resist how she's so creative with the back side :)

There's also this postcard that my mom sent when she was in Thailand (oh how I love their PAHD THAI!)

all this time, my mom thought that the one where she wrote the address was the front side. She didn't know that she could design this part. 

And for today, JANUARY 17, 2013...

I got this LOST CARD. There's no Barbie in our residence. And I'm sure there's no street in my place. But then my father advised that it was Amugis. Two letters were switched. This is not my first time to return a card like this. Probably the third time.

New Jetoy, from "another wishlist tag" sent by wakka

and Justin Bieber! Got this from a lottery hosted by 9teen87

Isn't that cool?!

Thank you n^^n


  1. Hi there! New follower from SwapBot's "QUICK Follow Me Blog Swap" :) I love all this awesome mail!

    ~Mary (SilverHealer)

  2. Hi Abigail,
    I'm here from the Quick Follow My Blog Swap #2. I enjoyed browsing through your blog.Love the pictures of all the postcards.
    Lori (nannylor)

  3. That round the world postcard is so cool! Such a great idea :) you get so much mail by the looks of it, very jealous! Following you now from the blog swap! Tara x

  4. Hey! I'm here from the QUICK Follow my Blog swap! #2 and I'm looking through your blog, I love all your pretty snail mail :)

    Take care,
    Florence Antonette

  5. Cool mail! I love the card that was sent around the world! That's amazing :)

    - alexalgebra from Swap-Bot

  6. Love the postcards.... esp. the the that traveled many places.

    Swap-Bot ~ QUICK Follow my Blog swap! #2

  7. Heya!!! QUICK Follow my Blog swap! #2
    I would love to make you pad thai any day hahaha! ALL THE TIME!! In my job we cook it more than 10 times a day haha! x