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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kocevje, Slovenija

Received this postcard from Lana, a 10 year old girl from Slovenia. This was in participation of Vesna74's postcard swap with her students. I really enjoyed projects like this. I remember joining one from the Netherlands, and the one that I got goes by the name of Tom.

I like the stamp in the left... " I FEEL SLOVENIA.

If I am not mistaken, perhaps this is my first postcard from Slovenia. I have received a letter from this country before. Going to edit this if this is really the first one that I have received.

Maryland State Map

Ooh, another state map here! Mom and I are currently collecting state maps sent from the state itself. I think this one is from her swapping friend, Tracey (ArtTeachToBe). What a nice person : )

45 State Maps to Go!


Ate Winnie (salzig_ei/winn_dogg) sent this very adorable Panda PC! I have always loved them when I was a kid, and up until today. Her message was very inspiring. She's one of the sweetest postcrossers I have ever known.

North Dawu Mountain Ridge

Catching A Birds-eye View of Pingtung Plain on the North Dawu Mountain Ridge
TW-303926 was sent by Meng Ying(LinMengYing), from Yunlin, Taiwan. It travelled 1,018 km or 633 miles in 16 days.

There's a much clearer postcard of this one which is better:

Aphrodisium faldermannii yuagii
 About these stamps..
these beetles are either yellow-brown or green. Those with yellow-brown coloration have glossy nota, with a black stripe running down the middle, and they have black legs and yellow tarsi. Those with green coloration have inconspicuous lengthwise stripes on their green elytra. The species is found in mixed forests between 1,500 and 2,000 meters above sea level. Because it emits a musky smell, it is also called the “musk long-horned beetle” in Chinese. Source

Friday, May 27, 2011

Singapore Zoological Garden

Received this Zoo Card, with ANIMALS <3
from Tita Loh Meng (lohsmeng) who sent SG-42382 which travelled 2,391 km or 1,486 miles in 9 days :)

I have been getting Singaporean cards lately.

Minnesota Map Card

It's my first time to receive a card with the Go Green Forever Stamp!

Received this postcard from Tita Meredith from Swap-bot. Another Map to the Collection!! Yippee

44 Map Postcards to Go!

Toronto, Canada

During early June 2007, the CN Tower was outfitted with 1,330 super-bright LED lights to light the tower from dusk until 2 a.m. The lights will be turned off during the spring and autumn bird migration seasons.

Received this postcard from Danalicious  from her trip. Thank you for the great postcard and the B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Royal Stamp!

Painted Red Tulips

Thank you Tita Julia (July25) for sending DE-919828 which travelled 10,184 km or 6,328 miles for 11 days.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Desert Wildflowers

Few inhabitants of canyon country are as striking as Indian paintbrush. The brilliant scarlet to orange color is produced by bracts and sepals rather than actual petals. The plants are from 4 to 12 inches tall, growing in sandy or gravelly soils or crevices in much of western North America. Flowering from March to June, the showy colors help attract pollinators as well as photographers.

Received this from a Postcard Pal from France.

Marianne stamps do have a different texture.

My 101st Postcard Came From China :D LiJiang Ancient Town

LiJiang is an ancient town, where row upon row of age-old house stand in close order. The wood-structured house combine the essences of the architectural arts of many ethnic groups.

Kuya Tsao (Moland) sent CN-371990, which traveled 1,897 km (1,179 miles) for 23 days.

I have been getting pretty nice stamps lately! Yay :D

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mystery Envelope from China

It's not really mysterious at all. I haven't just opened the envelope, because I am planning to open it on the 1st of October, my 18th birthday. Received this from a swap : ) 

From what I can remember, perhaps this one contains an anime card inside.

Came from boboz. Thank you so much for this!

The Cutest Sneeze in the World

Received this from a nice person from Kaci of Swapbot. Thank you very much for this wonderful postcard!

Oh, and the stamp used was the "Grand Teton National Park, in Wyoming".

My 100th Official Card!! Woohoo!!

Yippee! My 100th card has finally arrived. That means it's time to close the lottery that I am hosting (Tum Lottery)

This postcard came from Russia!

What I like about this card is that this is Winnie the Pooh in Shrek Form!!! So cute and funny :))

Thank you Tita Eva (Evushka) for your time selecting a very nice postcard for me :) I love it!

RU-413105 travelled 8,648 km or 5,374 miles for 26 days.

This card used to be a favorite of mine.

The Wild North, D.I. Mendeleev, view of the Valley of Geysers (right to left)

another "wishlist" tag

Received this card from nikiliu on the forum tag. Thank you very much for it. Look at the stamps she sticked on :) So beautiful!

It took a year and 9 months for this favorite card to reach me :) It was favorited 3 times.

5,553 Postcards to Go!

Did you find Donald Duck?

Winner: Lotter for Bird Lovers

Flamingos are social creatures, often living and breeding in large colonies.
Their most distinctive features are their long legs and pink color.

I received this postcard from Ate Dar of the US! Thank you for hosting the lottery!

St. Peter's Square, ROMA

Thank you very much Tito Tony (Nerone) for sending IT-133224. What a fantastic card! It came from Italy, but mailed from Vatican City :D

How cool is that!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Japan to the Rest of the World Tag

Ooh, what a nice Pikachu stamp!

Got this nice envelope from Tita Yumi (yummy). I don't know why, but I'm thinking of not opening this envelope until my birthday comes. heheheh

Random Postcard Swap #6

Got this very cute postcard from Germany! It was sent by Janny Vof :)

Mystery Card - Unknown Sender

I received this card today from the United States. I have no clue who has sent this.. but it must be probably for mom.

My deepest gratitude goes to you! At least, let me acknowledge you friend.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

BASEBALL Korea's Fans Go Wild for the Stars of the Diamond


By the way, it was my first time to receive this periodical in a plastic bag from the PhilPost. Going to keep this one :)

A Maxi Card from Finland

A very sweet user sent me a Maxi Card! It was from the year 1997, yet the card just looks so new! He was really so nice to read my long profile. 
Let's conceal his name through the name of Tito Kari (Karra-44)

Ahhh... reflective photography

What a feasty surprise of stamps! Most of them were dated in the 1960s! I wasn't even born that time.

There were even messages both in Finnish and English!

What a warm person!

FI-1084002 travelled 8,944 km (5,558 miles) for 17 days! The same with the one from The Netherlands :)

Panama Tattoo Studio

A Very Beautiful Advertising Postcard!!

Received it from a private swap, courtesy of Ate Christina (chrislizlee). Maraming Salamat po!

>So creative :)

After 9 days,.


I'm just used to get mail every 2-3 days. Really was so lonely for the past days, and I thought that I wouldn't get any for this week.

Okay, okay.. so here's the first postcard 

My first card.. I think it's Miffy :) Well, this is another Dick Bruna card that I received. If I am not mistaken, the first one is in here.

NL-637698 travelled 10,381 km (6,450 miles) in 17 days! Thank you Tita Tonnie (tonnie).

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PH-25399 Full of Stamps

Going to send this to Germany :) I decorated it with used stamps, as he likes stamps.

Missing Mail

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Captain America

Marvel Comics - SUPER HEROES
Captain America
Art by John Romita

Received this from emotis from the "New Request Tag" in the forum.