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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Friendship Books from Morgan :)

Today's mail, I got two envelopes of friendship books and bags from Morgan of Australia. She's so nice to send me the following:

Meanwhile, these are the friendship books and bags that I'm sending to Shira of Israel. We agreed to swap 50 grams of FBs and bags for 5 fbs and a profile surprise.

Since it rained really hard today, I didn't got to visit the post office today... so I just bought these instead. I have been craving over them for a long time, and got a chance to buy them:

There's Milk, Strawberry, Blackcurrant, and Chocolate.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Petronas Twin Towers from Malaysia, Chain Card, Anime and Gotochi card from Japan

I won this postcard from the lottery hosted by Matthew07 entitled 
Lottery: Malaysia's Petronas Twin Towers.

He had a short vacation and was kind to share this to 6 other postcrossers.

I like this style of postcard. It just makes me want to collect other styles like this of the Petronas Twin Towers. 

Next is this Chain Card from whitedog... Just reminded me that I haven't sent my Chain Card yet.

Kewl stamps :)

and finally... from the another "wishlist" tag in the forum, with very special thanks to sugarm89/mai722.

She sent these postcards:

My first Gotochi Card!! She mentioned that her sister is from Yamanashi... and thus is the card.

AND this anime card from Fullmetal Alchemist:

This is the second postcard I received from Fullmetal Alchemist. :)

Thank you so much for sending a very nice surprise. You're so generous to send another wishlist card!

And about the Chain Card... I'm planning to send this one:

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vancouver Postcard for Monday's Mail

Received this postcard from ADJ. I sent him a message before saying that he's one of the Filipino postcrossers who has high ranking when it comes to sending postcards within the country. Until I realized that he's not in the list anymore, and discovered that he's in Vancouver, Canada now.

He's so nice to send me this postcard. Thank you for this one Tito Alf. :)

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

This is the largest suspension bridge in the British Commonwealth. It is 4,977 feet long, the suspended section is 2, 778 feet long. The height of the towers is 380 feet. The bridge connects Vancouver proper with the Municipality of West Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver over the entrance of Burrard Inlet. The North Shore Mountains form the background for this spectacular night view.

Photo by: Rolly Ford

Monday, May 28, 2012

Some postcards from the 2nd Postcrossing Meet Up :)

I just attended my first postcrossing meet up today, and got these awesome pcs from there:
I also got a few stamps from Tita Jane (cabbie), stationery from Ate Raine (renren16); tea, Kit Kat chocolates from Tita Clarissa Candido, and these postcards from Tita Willa (FickleMinded) and peterahon.

From Tita Willa (FickleMinded). They're from this place.. Windsor.

These are from peterahon.... he got this card from South Korea where he worked before.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Shakespeare, Jetoy, Acapulco (Mexico), National Geographic, stamps,

I made a trip to the post office again, because I am about to drop Caroline in the mail. I failed to do so. But still I sent the following:

  • A late birthday card to my young cousin in Australia
  • A postcard to a my brother who's in Pampanga..
  • An official card 
  • Two envelopes with three postcards each going to Singapore for a private swap

Well, I saw this postcard around my postcards, so I thought of scanning and featuring it here.
I received this Shakespeare postcard sent by a nice bookcrosser, from UK. Thank you Anne-Elliot (Kim Lange). She was the one who also sent me my first Penguin Book (in my favorites) postcard :)

For Friday's mail, I got these:

A Jetoy Card from a private swap from Emma (CYF). Thank you Emma for sending me this postcard, and for the lengthy message. You write great in English : ]  It's in my favorites, and was favorited 16 times.

Top - Published in October 2011
Below - September 1998

This postcard was sent by a nice bookcrosser. Thank you Camikatzy for the Acapulco PC. It's my very first postcard from Mexico, and I must say that I like it a lot. The stamps are great... 
Vista aerea de la zona hotelera
Aerial view of the main hotels

Tita Lynette (Biker) sent me DE - 1369350, a nice lion postcard (inspired from my profile).  I find her and this card cool! My first National Geographic card. She sent a separate note via PM, and sent this inside ann envelope together with a business card and a Dutch stamp.
This card travelled 10,257 km for 18 days.

Another envelope of stamps from pumuckl. This is brickfield's stamp bag, and I must say... they're pretty awesome! Saw rare countries like Rwanda and Antigua. I tried scanning the envelope, but I think I forgot to save it. Mr. Ulrich sent an envelope with nice stamps, and a nice postmark. 

I saw this postcard right now. My sister mentioned to me that it was also in the pile of mail that I received last Friday, but I guess I didn't noticed it.

This card, RU - 909490 is from Russia, sent by Veronika (nika_kre) and travelled 8, 648 km  or 5,374 miles in 46 days.
The Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. View of the Peter and Paul Fortress

Thursday, May 24, 2012

18th Birthday Card to LAlala Lyra :D

My friend, Lyra Santiago, celebrated her 18th birthday last May 17, 2012 at a resort in Montalban, Rizal. I wasn't able to give my gift that day so I decided to send her the birthday card I bought through mail. I hope she will be surprised :)

I also sent a reply to Mr. Roland Holm of Sweden, and Aira (my sister)'s  first postcrossing card to Taiwan.

I was also happy today because I got the opportunity to buy commemorative/special stamps. For the past few months, the local post office was out of stock.. and now, I bought these:

2 souvenir sheets of Ateneo de Zamboanga University

and some stamps featuring Davao's 75th

I used three stamps in today's mail.. so that's why it seems missing.

Arriving home, I got this Chain RR postcard of Leksi from Russia, sent by yuen of China.

I'm looking forward to picking out what stamp she might like :)

Oh, and for the last part... 
I want to share this picture of those who went to her birthday partay...

The one in the middle, that's her alright. 
The one who's wearing yellow is Jayvie Piamonte :)
Next is Jannie Fabic (white)
Lyra Santiago (white)
Janine Peralta (white)
Jerome Moreno 
Christopher Natalio aka Kuya Tophe (Blue)
Neil Fordan aka Tropa 
Krizia Diaz
Jadelyn Celis (Grey)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

French Mint Stamps, Laos, Fifi Lapin

TW-536110 travelled 1,152 km in 14 days and was sent by winniepoohbear. I just got this scanned today, so this is why I am featuring it.

For today's mail, I received the following:

A postcard from Morning2 for our private swap. This is the second card that I received from her, so I'll be sending her another card.


Next is from a private swap from Ms Cheerful, who I got acquainted thru facebook. She was generous to offer Laos postcards : ) This is the newest country that I received after how many months. Thank you very much for this opportunity! 

And the last piece of mail for the day is from a batchmate of my mother in high school, who works as an engineer. He sent me 6 mint souvenir sheets from FRANCE! You don't know my expression when I opened that envelope. I felt like a child :3
Thank you Mr. Herman Leuterio! Sabi ng nanay ko, ang sweet niyo daw po. Hindi nga niya  aakalain na magpapadala kayo :D Napakagandang surprise for the day! LIKE

Just realized that the mail I have to send is piling up. Going to make a trip to the post office tomorrow. Thank you for your time reading this. Feel free to make comments.