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Friday, January 28, 2011

First UNESCO Card Received for 2011: Historic City of Toledo, Spain

 This is another lottery that I have won last Christmas season. Thank you geminiscp for hosting the lottery.
Featuring the Historic City of Toledo of Spain. 

North Korea Flag PC

This postcard was bought in North Korea, but was mailed from China. The swapper tried mailing postcards from the North, but most of her postcards didn't arrive. So, what she did, she just mailed the remaining from China. Well, isn't that Flag PC awesome?!

Still waiting for 2 postcards from her.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


bogdanovskaya hosted the mentioned lottery in the Postcrossing Forum. Here's the card that I won..
#50 abbyaguas

First Card from Japan with those Cute Smiley Faces..

This postcard came from Fadoua of Postcrossing, for the Birthday Round Robin last October. It seems that she forgot to sent it.. hehe. Well that's okay. At least you have sent it. ; ]

This postcard is most likely be one of my favorites in my postcard wall, if I saw it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Encourager's Letter.

Jo's first letter finally came in the mail today. She always pray for me, and checks to see if I am still spiritually healthy. Every letter, she attaches Truth Notes.

Let me share to you a part of what the Truth Notes (for this month) says:

  I . Principles For Making Christ Centered Plans
  1. Have a Proper Perspective of God's View For Your Life.
  2. Set your Goals for Each of the Areas.
  3. Prioritize Which Areas Need The Most Attention.
  4. Develop an Overcoming Mentality with the Failure Syndrome.
  5. There must be a Dependence Upon the Holy Spirit.
  6. Apply Diligence with an Attitude to Win.

 If you would like to receive TRUTH NOTES FOR FREE, let Jo know. 
You can reach her at:

Jo Vitale
PO Box 404
Warrenton, MO 63383

Or you could also email her: evangelist_jo@yahoo.in

Nothing will be lost if you tried. : )

Monday, January 24, 2011

Answer Me This....PC swap/international

This postcard was made from the U.S.A., and published by Hallmark Cards, Inc.

This postcard came from Kaci Tengo. Thank you Kaci for using different colors of pen in writing the message.

Monday Mail


I got another penpal letter from Joseph. West of California. He looks like a pilot from the pictures he sent. 
Cool! I wonder when can I ride a plane..

Thursday, January 20, 2011


This souvenir sheet is worth P37.00... Oooh, how I want a copy of this one.

See the other stamps at this link:

UST is the OLDEST EXISTING UNIVERSITY in Asia. It's a private Catholic university founded on April 28, 1611. USTe is preparing for its 400th year! I think it's going to be a REALLY BIG and Special One!
So excited!


     The Philippine Postal Corporation (Philpost) will come up with the Kiwanis Club of Manila stamps, which will be issued on January 21, 2011. It is classified as a “Special” kind of issue with a denomination of P 7.00 and quantity of 50,000 pieces.

     Kiwanis Club is one of the world’s largest service clubs. The club has carried the slogan “Serving the Children of the World” and its theme “One Can Make a Difference.” On July 4, 1964, members of the Kiwanian Memory Caine of KC Santa Barbara, California, USA organized the Kiwanis Club of Manila. In 1993, then President Fidel V. Ramos issued Presidential Proclamation 124 declaring the third week of January as Philippine Kiwanis Week.


     The Philippine National Flag which symbolizes the Kiwanis Club members’ sense of patriotism and nationalism, serving the Filipino children and the children of the world. The design also shows the logo of the Kiwanis Club of Manila and a photo of a child.

The Very First Mail that I received for 2011

Referring to this link (Third Post)
I have mentioned there that the first mail I received was from CBN Asia. 

Oh yes, that's true. What really surprised me was that I received it on a Sunday - January 2, 2011. I was thinking that it was really something to receive mail on a Sunday. It was my first time. And another is that, people were still thinking of their hangovers of their vacation.

LOL.. I scanned the whole newsletter. Just felt like doing it. I shouldn't threw the plastic off.. it has my name on it. d(-_^)good!!

Speaking of that, I haven't gave my monthly pledge for the month. Oh me.. when will you remember that?

Lucky Winner Lottery! My First Correspondances Card : ]

December was a really blessed month for me. Lots of things has happened, and one thing that was surely a blessing was that I won lots of lotteries! Talk about blessings : D

Thanks to carolien2010 for hosting the Lucky Winner Lottery! I was so blessed to win this card.

Great Stamps --------->

Oh cool! A Windmill Sticker --->

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Postcard

Artificial lens implant surgery pioneered by Sir Harold Ridley, 1943 

Got Reunited with a Long Lost Penpal! Part II (pictures)

 Here are Hyein's letter.. where she also gave three bags of tea, her ID picture, 2 hello kitty lollipops (I ate the blue one today), and a nice ponytail. : ]

 Out of the blue, I also like to put here other pictures..

 We opened this big box from my Aunt.. and wasn't expecting that it contains food inside. 
A Cake.

 I just thought of taking a picture of this lollipop because of its shape.. Chupa Chups. Sorry for the quality though.

        TOP VIEW       

 Arggh.. I can't still get over with this tubby. It has raisins inside, and has this unique aroma.
I don't know if I like it or not. Both.

Random Envie Swap #1

Okay, so this one isn't mine. I saw it in the camera.. 
it belongs to my mother. I told her to take pictures of the stuff that she will send. And here they are:

4 skeins of embroidery thread, an FB and SB, a couple of stickers, 3 big bookmarks,
a 2011 planner, an owl postcard, some memo sheets, gift tags, a letter, and a slipper keychain from my trip to Baguio.

I hope her partner will like everything. Most of the items here are recycled.

Some pictures sent to my penpals

This one goes to South Korea.

Front of the card


3.. The stickers are really different.

In here, I have included a bookmark, a sticker, additional letter, card with magnet inside, and some paper.

The red card is sent to another penpal in South Korea.

Sent to the US.

These pictures were taken last year.. I think around November - December. Sorry for the quality.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Got this Algarve postcard from a Private Swap with BORRACHA! This postcard shows a typical chimney 

of a house in Algarve. I wonder what does it feel like to have a chimney.

 Haha! *hugs*

Did you see the crease? I think the postman made that.. probably struggling on pushing the postcard on our 

mailbox. Hayzz.. Oh well, I need to be more understanding. He's already old.

Here's the stamp:

It travelled for 29 days..

First 3-D Postcard

This postcard 

really has made me


I was so

amazed and thrilled when I got this 

postcard from a Postcrosser from Russia!

Thank you very much shrilanka for this postcard!

It's one of the mail that made my day.

RU-274696 travelled 8,260 km in 51 days.

I have learned the Saint Basil's Cathedral, when my World History teacher, Prof. Corazon Tahil, showed us a picture of it from a cut-out. 

Also known as The Pokrovskiy Cathedral, this church is found in Moscow, Russia.

First Periodical Received for 2011

Since I study Advertising, the Front Cover always gives me ideas.. and helps me in my studies. Just want to show you what it looks like.

This is a FREE magazine. I don't know how my mother did it. She visited South Korea a few years back, and got one of this.