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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SENT ITEMS: Friendship Books and Penpal Letter to Netherlands

 These are a couple of friendship books that I made for myself. It's my first time to use those embellishments (which were sent I think by Jackie Moreno from a RAK). I haven't seen border stickers in my country, so I only use what I have in hand.

On the above picture, you can see the grainy picture of the fbs I made. Bottom is a much clearer one. (I just like the grainy pic)

As for this one, it's actually the items I sent for a swap called "10 Fbs". These are going to the USA. I have also added excess sticker bags as I know that they need to get on moving.

Here is my penpal reply letter to a friend in Netherlands. There's a long story on how we met :)) Hello M!

Those two postcards needed to get on rotation, so I sent that together in this letter. She was a participant. And, I've used a special "Mama Sita" souvenir sheet on the envelope.

As for this one, actually... they're excess bags and friendship books. They have been stuck with me for long, and need to get them on moving! There are lots of bags there such as

ATC Paper Bag, Surprise Bag, Sticker Bag, Memo Bag, Goodie Bag, Colour Bag, Label Bag, Nice Bag, Sticker Bag, and more I think...

Friendship books here..

I actually sent 14 fbs I think. The one with the Teddy Bear and the Halloween FB didn't got included.

I would also like to post the pictures when I sent them in their envelopes, but the pictures are in my dad's phone. Well anyways, the following were posted on May 17, 2013 - a Friday, at night time. But the post office was already closed, so it'll start its travel on Monday, May 20.

P.S. Any Asian FB swappers out there??

Friday, May 10, 2013


Received this card from the mail today. Thank you Galina (siberian_cat).

I also have received a letter from Nathan, from Thailand. So far so good.

Going to send out

2 postcards
a big envelope of friendship books
2 letters

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2 Map Cards in the Mail : Maine and Pennsylvania

Today's mail was unexpected. I wasn't expecting anything today.. until I saw the following two cards in the mail:

This postcard came from State College, Pennsylvania, and was sent by karry from a swapping site. 

She also sent an envelope filled with nine cards, and a notecard. They were so great! Got the latter one last Friday, April 26. karry just recently celebrated having 400 5's in the site, so she gave 3 envelopes of  10 postcards each! Really was nice, and thank you for matching the postcards in my profile ♥ ❤

Meanwhile, this awesome postcard was sent by Stacy for the Random Postcard Swap #17. 

I am currently collecting state map cards, sent from the state itself. Currently have 14, and today... received 2. Only 34 states to go!

Both of them got this round 2013 stamp on the card.

Map Cards Missing

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia