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Friday, February 8, 2013

January 24, 25, 28, 31, February 1, 6

January 24, 2013 - Thursday
Sailor Moon is one of my favorite characters when I was a young child. I have also dreamt of having long and blonder hair like her. Thank you nekorin for this card!

Cape May Point Lighthouse
Cape May Point Lighthouse is one of the most popular lighthouses in the United States. Thousands of visitors come each year to photograph this beautiful lighthouse. Photos: Richard Tamburri & Jim McWilliam
This lighthouse card is sent by CaptainSoul as one of his offer in the forum. He's so nice, that he sends cards to fellow postcrossers. I might collect lighthouses someday, not just at this point. Thank you Tito Ron!

I wasn't able to have the scans of their stamps. Tito Ron always has great stamps :3

January 25, 2013 - Friday

I got a Hello Kitty card from the forum tag. It was sent by naosheep from Japan. Sadly, I wasn't able to scan this picture. Probably next time.

January 28, 2013 - Monday (?) [Not really sure if I received this card on the date itself]

peipei from the United States sent me this Pixar USPS Card! I love USPS Cards : D

The Incredibles

Sent by Anutting07

I love meeting cards. When I got this postcard, I got interested in starting collecting Postcrossing cards.

Sent by Anne-Elliot

This card was favorited 85 times, and sent by yuen.
Neon Fantasy on Nathan Road.
This is a composite creation made up of many of the best neon signs on both sides of the harbour. Many of the signs represent some of Hong Kong's best restaurants and night spots. The street is real and is Nathan Road in Kowloon, also known as "the Golden Mile".

This one is from Gabi (Izmya).

She sent me one card from my favorites wall. It was favorited 10 times.

She also included two bookmarks, and two cute plasters... and that Simpsons sticker.

 - >Also got a penpal letter from Sweden.

February 1, 2013 - Friday

This is my first shaped card from TAIWAN! Thank you Jacqueline!
Fort San Domingo, Tamsui

February 6, 2013 - Wednesday

This got me surprised and thrilled. Inside the envelope is this card, together with my first kawaii sticker sack! I'm so happy :) Thank you Anicka!

This card is sent by the generous Anne-Elliot/Kim.

This time, Tito Ron sent a map card of the US. I do collect map cards, most especially those cards sent from the state itself. Thank you CaptainSoul!

This card is one of my faves. It was favorited  13 times. Sent by LucyGLV.
Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and Tsesarevich Alexis


  1. I was in love with Sailor Moon!! I heard their making new mangas/shows for the US this year. I can't wait!!

  2. Wow! I love the card with the poor Tsarina and Tsarevitch! How unusual and interesting!