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The Other Side

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Some received favorite cards: Kotovasiya, Jetoy

Sent by Rudishonok's student from the Kotovasiya-Wishlist Tag
(favorited 23 times)

Sent by MZebra
favorited 2x

Sent by Yetta from Hong Kong
Jetoy-Wishlist Tag
favorited 4x

sent by MNA-YUZ from China
This card was favorited 29 times.
Jetoy-Wishlist Tag

I got this as a favorite card in 2010, and after 2 years, Nille sent me this as an official card. I don't know if this got featured in this blog or not, but I'm including it. 


  1. The cats are darling! {glamazon08 via Swap-Bot}

  2. I love the Choo Choo cat ones too! I never knew such a thing existed until Swap-bot but now I am in love. Also in love with the adorable San-X kitties, especially the little black and white one whose name I can never spell right to save my life lol.