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Monday, October 28, 2013

Mail for the Month of October

Good Morning!

Okay, so October is my Birthday month... and for this post, I'll be showing you guys the different postcards I have received.

This is the last year that I will be celebrating my birthday in my university.

My first letter for the month of October was a penpal letter, from The Netherlands. I got it on October 2, a day after my birthday.

October 9 was World Post Day. I wasn't able to join PHLPOST's first celebration of it in the SM Malls, nor did received any mail that day...

But I got 2 (or 3) postcards the following day, having the OCTOBER 9 postmark.

The first is this card:

This was sent by Miku for the "Japan - Rest of the world" tag. She sent this card because she saw that I like owls in my profile. So she got this card for me. As her message said, this is a Japanese style art work. She saw the author's artworks at a museum, and have mentioned that it has moved her. This artwork is one of her favorites. 

The first stamp features a red rose. There's also a QR code there. 
The stamp below is an old stamp. It was printed in the year 1972. And yet, another flower stamp.

SOUTH DAKOTA'S BOUNTY is displayed in the beauty and abundance of its natural resources, as well as in the indomitable spirit of its people. Black Hills, South Dakota

 This South Dakota card was sent by Tito Ron (CaptainSoul) as his gratis offer. I haven't received a South Dakota card yet, and this one is a great part of my collection :3 
These stamps are soo cool! They are lighthouse stamps. The one on the right is the New London Harbor in Connecticut, and the one in the middle is Point Judith at Rhode Island. 
To be honest, I am not really a fan of lighthouses, but somehow, I get to appreciate them when I saw their variety in these stamps. :3

Thank you Tito Ron for your generosity!

Then for the last card for October 10, I got this Bretagne card sent by my postcard pal from France.

On this card, it says "The magic of Broceliande Forest".
Honestly, it seems like one of those you see in the movies. As for my perception, the watery part seems edited for me. I think, the whole picture is edited (colors of the leaves, trunk, etc... well, the font is obvious). But it's still beautiful, right ;)
And this is the stamp. I really do not know what this features... seems like a reception center? 
Kinda cool and unique.


This year, I got two pieces of mail for my birthday. The first one was a very sweet envelope sent by Ana from Portugal. Sorry, but I don't have that much pictures... but she sent a very nice mail art envelope (with a personalized stamp) - stamps, cute band aids, teabags.

Then the next one is from HGG (?) I'm not sure, but nmugirl sent this birthday card, together with confetti, a Happy Birthday sticker, and a couple of bookmarks.

On the inside of the card, it says

"Life is too important
to be taken seriously."

- Oscar Wilde


Hihihi... speaking of which, there's also this Facebook Riddle about giraffes...


This one will be the card that I will send for a Chain Card. I haven't sent it out yet. It's kinda glittery you know. I got this together with a 2005 anime planner from a thrift shop.

North American Wildlife

#11783 Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus). The bald eagle is a striking raptor whose appearance is quite unmistakable. It is one of the largest birds in North America. It's distinct white head and tail are its trademark. It evokes strong feelings of patriotic pride as the national symbol of the United States. It was chosen as the official emblem of the United States in 1782.
I got this postcard from a direct swap (Beverly).
Read what she wrote down:

"Back in 1812, a large earthquake hit the northwest corner forming a large lake called Reelfoot Lake. It is the largest lake in Tennessee and is the home to many species of birds including the National Bird of the United States, the bald eagle. 

Thank you! This will be added to my eagle cards collection.

This is my first card from UGANDA! It was sent from Kampala. Uganda is located in Africa.
Thank you so much Kimmi!

According from her story, she and her husband are in Uganda for a year to work with a school for teacher professional development. They also have a Canadian charity that does projects that focus on education, sustainability and empowerment.


This is a postage paid postcard sent by corinnacr. She has hosted "superman lottery" in the forum, and I was one of the winners of the Superman Series postcards :) It's very cool!
I would like to feature this sometime when there will be another Superman movie :D

DATE ISSUED: September 10, 2013

Even this part looks very nice!

For this part, I am showing you a Studio Ghibli card.

This card was in my favorites wall (2010). It was favorited 30 times.
I rarely get SG cards, so I am really happy :D
According to Fukiko-san, Hayao Miyazaki retired from making movies. Aww..
Studio Ghibli - wishlist tag ( sent by Fukiko/b-island)

On the right features bird stamps, while on the left features World Bonsai Convention in 1989.

I just want to show to you guys, this very beautiful royalty stamp from Thailand. It was sent by my penpal.

I also received cat letters that day.
That's Mooshi.

 Sometime around October 22 or 23 (Tuesday/Wednesday), I also have received other mail.

There was a long chain card from kikawa (already passed to the next), a package of stroopwafels (not sure if the date was right), a periodical from Korea, and this postcard.
This cute bunny postcard was sent by tingtinga2002 from SB. Honestly, I remember that this used to be in my favorites wall. It's for the swap "AR - Postcard Swap #9".

Thank you so much!

And for the stamps, here you can see a Diving Beetle stamp on the left (I remember that we use to play beetles or salagubangs) and a Common Redbolt on the right (which for me is a dragonfly).
Singaporean stamps have this effect, that when the light hits the stamps, it kinda shines. It really makes me think of phosphorus. 

I also want to share to you my stroopwaffle experience, sent by a Dutch postcrosser. Hihih! Too bad, I already ate it, as I was veryyy famished that time, and I can't bear the acidity.

Please don't forget to leave comments :D 

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Hi there!! This is Joyce (devgel) from swap bot follow me #19. I love the postcards that you have posted on here.

  2. Love the postcards! My favorite is the giraffe and my kid's favorite is definitely Superman!

    Magena Swap-bot #19

  3. Great haul! I love getting snail mail. I like the superman card the most.

    Katrina Alana - Follow Me 19