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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

School Project Opportunity from Suzanne of The Netherlands

Suzanne1804 searched for 10 swappers for a school project in the PC Forum. She's a teacher who works with children who have dyslexia, and she wants them to practice their English. Aww..

Of course, I do not want to miss this opportunity, so I instantly sent a message to her. 

That is the postcard that I picked received (I picked from her album, and she also picked from mine).
This is the postcard that I am going to send.

I can't wait to reply to Tim!

Great stamps!

I wonder what these means:
Kijk en bestel op www.kinderpostzegels.nl (Probably the site where to buy such PC)

Met de opbrengst uit de verkoop van
kaarten en kinderpostzegels steunt de
Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland
projecten voor kinderen.

Thank you Suzanne and Tim for sending me another favorite : ]
5,545 Postcards to Go!

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