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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kagay-an Festival, Owl, Fujishiro Seiji PCs, and more

Sent by Tita Ruby Ricafrente from Cagayan de Oro City itself.

This was sent by imajica as a thank you card for her wedding ^^
Sent by winnietsai
This card is a combination of the Post Box and the Bicycle.

 Received both of this cards from initalics. The first card will be returned to her.

Received this from Bill Hedin
"Land of Contrast"
A state larger than many nation, Texas covers more than 267,000 square miles. Texas  has long remained the number one oil state. Thousands of pump jacks are seen by tourists as they travel the highways. Another familiar site is the old wind mill - works 365 days a year pumping water to thirsty cattle.

I think he (Bill) wants to be postcard pals :)
Received this from postcard pal from France :)
I have received this very nice owl postcard from Natasha Mazaylo. Unfortunately, I cannot remember where we traded cards as there was no identification.. But I really loved this one :)

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