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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bread, Winnie the Pooh, Maxi Card, SUPERDOME,Target, Hong Kong, Cantabria, Salvador, Owl, Handmade, and Bible

Lately, I have been really busy at school.. and thus, this blog has not been that maintained just like what I used to do during the summer.

I will be cutting back on doing swaps to save money for a DSLR (which is a requirement for my course). However, I will do my best to at least update once a week.

Received this card before from Finland. ^^

moongrl(Belkis) sent TR-65184 which travelled 9,118 km for 22 days.. in memory of her mother. I like the 2011 Europa stamp she put.
muccard(Dietmar)  sent DE-950146 which shows a page of a handwritten Bible from 1430. It travelled 10,184 km for 15 days.
kajo sent FI-1126120 which shows a maximum card from 1985 Liechtenstein! So cool :) This card travelled 8,827 km for 12 days.

PC Swap #3 - A Name or Attribute of Christ.... Psalms 8:6
Random Postcard Swap #7
New Orleans, Louisiana
Dominating the skyline of downtown, this $163 million dollar architectural masterpiece is home to the New Orleans Saints. The elaborate facilities and decor make it a place worth seeing.
(Photo by William Cornelia)

Owl Postcard
This postcard was sent and made by Cara Giusti (2011), and was entitled "Exploding Owl".

One postcard, One Partner #28

This postcard was sent by Patricia Pereira from Brazil.  On card shows a View of Salvador City by night.
Received this postcard from emotis (Erin)!
Received this beach card from earwen(Tita Rosa) :)
Received this night view card from Ivan Wong ^^

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