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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kotovasiya, Rabbit, Trendsetter, Bookcrossing, Forges les Eaux, Georgia

Hi guys! I missed blogging so much! I don't really that have much for this favorite hobby of mine, as I am currently preoccupied with studying. However, I would just like to share to you some cards that I have received two months ago :)

This card was sent by a friend for a swap, named Galina (Siberian-cat). She's an accountant :)

An official postcard from China :) Thank you laughingnando

This is another official postcrossing handmade card. Thank you Knicky!

This is a very cool adcard from Malaysia (if I'm not mistaken) I wish I could collect this series ;)

Bookcrossing Card :0

From a Postcard Pal from France

And a cool Georgia State Map! 

  That's a drawing :)

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  1. The bunny is so precious! And I'm not even really a bunny person.