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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Angkor Wat, Cambodia; Tibet; and Australia & Norfolk Island

Oh how just I missed blogging! I missed scanning postcards, and taking pictures of everything sent. Hello everyone! Thank you so much for being loyal in this blog.

Today, I'm going to feature three postcards that I just received today. The mailman arrived while I was sleeping.

So the first postcard is sent by a very nice backpacker from Indonesia. I found her name on Twitter. Thank you so much @sheilakartika! It was very nice of you. And it is very nice of you that you even sent a postcard to me, despite of the horrible pickpocket situation O.O!

I hope I can also go to Indonesia sometime :)

This postcard is sent by sky_wang from his trip to Tibet, China. Thank you so much for this lovely card! I know a person who went into Tibet, and did an amazing thing there.

This postcard was given by a nice lady from Australia. I think this was sent from Norfolk Island Maxicard, but the postcard is from Australia. Thank you to Sharon (scubaduba) for this UNESCO Card ;)
This card features the Old Military Barracks at Kingston, Norfolk Island. 
Kingston is a part of the World Heritage Site. 

She even has this Kangaroo postmark.

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