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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Encourager's Letter.

Jo's first letter finally came in the mail today. She always pray for me, and checks to see if I am still spiritually healthy. Every letter, she attaches Truth Notes.

Let me share to you a part of what the Truth Notes (for this month) says:

  I . Principles For Making Christ Centered Plans
  1. Have a Proper Perspective of God's View For Your Life.
  2. Set your Goals for Each of the Areas.
  3. Prioritize Which Areas Need The Most Attention.
  4. Develop an Overcoming Mentality with the Failure Syndrome.
  5. There must be a Dependence Upon the Holy Spirit.
  6. Apply Diligence with an Attitude to Win.

 If you would like to receive TRUTH NOTES FOR FREE, let Jo know. 
You can reach her at:

Jo Vitale
PO Box 404
Warrenton, MO 63383

Or you could also email her: evangelist_jo@yahoo.in

Nothing will be lost if you tried. : )

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