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Friday, February 11, 2011

Thank you Tita Merja of Finland!

Interesting Cover :]

papermoon/Merja sent me fabulous postcards in exchange for one of her favorite pcs. I'm thinking of sending another card to her ☺

Really made my day!

5,547 Postcards to Go!

AYIOS IOANNIS LAMBADISTIS in Kalopanayiotis village

one of the World Cultural Heritage Monuments under protection of UNESCO. 
In the middle of the monastery is the 3 part church: Saint Heracledious, Saint John Lambadistis
and Akathist (Holy Virgin). It's famous painting are from the 12th - 15th century.

Oooh.. Nouvelle. This would have been probably in my favorites.

Interesting! A Favorite ♥

Another favorite  ♥

Elvis Presley

First Kissing Couple Postcard

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