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Friday, June 17, 2011

Moomin,Florida,Gettysburg,Hello Kitty

                                Received this Favorite from Olga (Bellflower) from the Forum. It was favorited twice.

                                                                                                                                                            Received  FI-1114227  from Esovi. This card travelled 8,964 km in 10 days.                                            

 Received this Card from the Mapcard Postcard Swap #3.

DE-937829 travelled 10,109 km in 11 days.
Thank you very much Tita Sigrid for this card!

 Received this as a RAK From Swap-bot. Jay was really really nice. I hope the postal strike will be over soon.

 Received this from a Swap from Gettysburg!! Yippee : D
Penpal Letter

Got my surprise from Maxus! To be opened on my 18th birthday. This is for the video greetings I made for his father.

     NL-666822 travelled 10,319 km in 14 days. After 9 months of being favorited! Was favorited 10x.

Thank you jet.

Well, I still have the Korean periodical which I cannot find where. I wonder how many favorites left.. and how many state maps do I need still.

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