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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Today... I

Sent Friendship Books

One small mail for scrutiny in HongKong, and one for Steph...  I already showed scrutiny's FBs... so this one will be for Steph..

I made that small "kaito kid" FB.. and here's what it looks like inside.

Sent three official postcards going to Belarus, Canada, and China...

Sent my penpal letters to Asia from Poland, Tina from the US, and to dearest Vanooshka (Vanessa Serrano) from the US as well.

Sent a reply to Jonell (who sent me an FB stating that she got my address from an FB)

Sent the stamps for the Round Robin for John Power, who collects Christmas stamps, in Australia.

Oh well.. I think that's about it. Oh, and I sent a Birthday Aerogramme for Carol in swapbot.

A mix of mail that I got these past months... there's more, but I can't take pictures of them all. :)

I still have this package from Finland that I got today.. which I also wanted to show. Let me take pictures of them, and I'll post them up here.

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