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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Some postcards received...

P.S. This blog post was made on August 12, 2012. It just happened that I wasn't able to publish this blog post.

Hello everyone! I have missed putting up pictures here in this blog. It has been a long while since I have shared to you what I have received.

After having school, I find it difficult to update ever since school has started again. But nevertheless, I'm happy that I'm able to share to you the postcards I have received... and some mail that I have received.

1. That's a Chain RR card.
2. The Postcrossing Map card was sent by a nice postcrosser from Russia. Thank you very much Tita Anna (kabarat) for this nice postcard : D It was so nice of you to send a card back.
3. That small card is a RAK card from choke. Thank you so much for this nice card! : D
4. The shoe card was sent by a nice bookcrosser. Thank you very much pumpkinpussycat!
5. That beaver card is the card I got from the swap I hosted, Random Postcard Swap #13.
6. That art card is sent by WRITE SHOP ROBERT from his lottery, "Post a Photo Lottery (perpetual)". Thank you so much!

1. I got my first Paris card, thanks to my friend, Ms Annick Jouan, who I have been swapping for a long time now.
2. The Nana card is from a kind Japanese postcrosser. Thank you very much for this anime card :) 
4. The Aztec Incident card is a lottery card, sent by the generous Taxingwoman from Canada. I think her friends wrote a book about this. 
4. That Kotovasiya card is a private swap together with SweetDreams. Thank you for helping me with this card! This was a favorite card! 

Both of these postcards was sent by my mom's classmate in high school. Thank you very much Tita Aissa :) I always enjoy postcards sent by people from their travels. Hoping one day I can also visit the places you had visited :)

These bookcrossing and address labels were sent by MyssCyn in honor of MaryZee. Thank you very much for them! I'd love to learn how to print address labels sometime.

This postcard, magnet, and the map was sent by glenystasmania from Bookcrossing. Yippee. If it weren't for the magnet that she has sent, I wouldn't have any interests in collecting magnets (my new budding collection).

I always like to participate in Travelling Notebooks. And so far, this is the 3rd Travelling Notebook that I have participated. It belongs to 


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