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Monday, June 25, 2012

D Cupcake Showcase : ]

Okay, okay... so this post is not really related to snail mail... but I'm making this late post for a dear swap partner.

So what I got are 5 (or 6) cupcakes bought from the nearest sari-sari store.... and took photos of them.

So from Left to Right, Top to Bottom....

we have Cheesy Topps, Choco Topps, Mocha Topps
Lemon Square Cheese Cake, Dream Cream Filled Cake (Double Chocolate), 
and Fudgee Barr Vanilla Jolt

First on our list is FUDGEE BARR

Top View

That's the vanilla you see there...

Followed by one of Childhood Faves, LEMON SQUARE CHEESE CAKE.

top view

I'm so happy that there is minimal difference with the original taste. It's more milkier now, and more cheesy in it's own taste.

Another product of Lemon Square is this Dream Chocolate cupcake : D Yum!

top view



and that's the insides of this cake... Nice chocolate filling.

I changed the formation of the two cakes, because it just reminded me of 
Powerpuff Girls: Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup

This cupcake here is Mocha Topps. I wasn't able to took a shot of it in it's original packaging, but anyways.. I did enjoyed it. This cupcake has a real nice smooth aroma, just like that of sweet coffee.
top view

side view


The filling inside is Vanilla, if I'm not mistaken.

Now this one cupcake, is introduced to my by Krizzia Udtohan, a friend of mine in high school. I got acquianted to CHEESY TOPPS because she always eats this, even before it was advertised in national TV.

and now you know the amazing contents of this delectable cupcake... rawr!

It has it's own unique cheese flavor, the sprinkles, icing, filling, and the cake itself. My American cousin liked this cupcake, and this is his fave.

And of course, Chocolate would not let itself get beaten....

We have Choco Topps, the last... but certainly not the least (yeah)

top view (cupcake is on my Sailor Moon fan)

I always love the sprinkles...

Why is it that vanilla always tastes good with chocolate??

Hope you enjoyed the pictures...
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  1. wow! that's a lot of cupcakes! did you have a favourite?

  2. God, I have no idea of why I've readed this whole post - now I feel SO hungry for those cupcakes. *-* They really look awesome. You have a lovely blog, I'll follow it. I found you on my own blog, thank you for subscribing for my giveaway (good luck!).

  3. Hey there!
    My stationery giveaway ended yesterday and, unfortunately, you didn't win.
    BUT I do like to make people happier, so I'm offering a postcard to each person who subscribed to the giveaway.
    If you want a postcard from me, please e-mail me your adress at penny_clear at gmail doc com.