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Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 3 - 7 Mail

In connection to this post - Monday Mail - 4 Envelopes
Okay, so this is what Monday's Mail insides are the following:

It's a small card by the way, it just looks big.

These are the stamps sent by Ana from Portugal.

and the friendship books sent by YankeeUnicorn from the US

June 4, Tuesday... I received two parcel packages from our postman. 

The first one contained these items:

These were items from a swap called "Mystery Envelope". 

These are the items that I get, because most likely.. they were the heavier ones (postage costs).

The Pink Notebook, Earrings, Soap, and decotape were from the Netherlands.
The Candy w/the badge & magnet, and the soap were from Australia.

I really enjoyed those earrings :)

The second package came from Slovenia. Funny though, as I cannot remember anything for a swap from there. As I opened the greatly packaged mail, I tumbled to see two pieces of napkins.

And as I read the sender's letter, I was greatly touched and moved by what she wrote. Apparently, the sender's mother sent these to make me smile! I really was touched when I read the letter, and it was received with great love <3


That's a bird cross stitched in a brown napkin. 

This was the lottery prize that I got, and far from all, this one is I really got treasured because I saw the effort in it. 

This one came on Wednesday, June 5.. and the sender was from Canada. Thank you Kayenderes!

I think I got this one on a Thursday (the bottom card). The top card is a card received way back ago, from Thailand. And the bottom is from my postcard pal, Mme Annick from Vire, France.

Then this one arrived on a Friday, June 7. They are friendship books sent by Dee Jaye, from the US, and she sent me a few light extras to use :) Thank you for sending them!

These were the outgoing mail I sent. Most of them were postcards, and the ones that has envelopes with stamps contain friendship books inside. 

I really liked how that cute long envelope turned out. It's going to an American :)


  1. Lucky you, so sweet of the sender's mum to surprise you. :)

    -- cfchai (Blog Comment Hop #2)

  2. That is a lot of neat mail. I keep meaning to join more package swaps, but then life gets in the way, and I don't get a chance. I suppose it's better to do that than it is to join and send late.

    The detail in that bid cross stitch is amazing, I imagine it's not very big? Someone put a lot of effort into that small piece of art, and it's lovely.

    Stephanie - follow me #12

  3. OMG Abby :O so many great stuff you got with the mail!!! AMAZING! Thats why I LOVE SWAP BOT :D Hugs and always HAPPY SWAPPING!!!!! Avalonia