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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tanzania, London Olympics, Owl, Domokun FBs, Angry Birds, 3D Card, Liberation of Bursa

Hello everyone :)

I have been receiving good mail lately.. 

Got a book sent by a very nice person from England, and it's a favorite of mine! 

I also have received some cards.. but what I'll show here in this post are past postcards.

1) First, allow me to show you the last 5 unscanned cards (which are now finally uploaded)

This card is a 3D card sent by  WernerTitz
from Germany :)  It says I <3 Family & Friends, and I <3 Kurztrips

This card was sent by Nataly from Ukraine, who's a fashion designer. Card was designed by Natalia Derevianko, and was entitled "For You..."

This card was sent by jbwainwright from England :))
He's so nice to send a card from the London 2012 Olypmic and Paralympic Games

My first Angry Birds card :)

This is my first Angry Birds postcard, which was sent by Marianne from Finland :)

This owl card was sent by Yi-Chun from Taiwan :) Thank you so much for this card!
Those train stamps are also great!

2) Next are other bunch of postcards that I have received:

A nice swapper sent me this Postcard from Malta :)

I got the card from a swap. Her message was written in Turk, so I wasn't able to understand it at first. But the card is celebrating the "Liberation of Bursa". On the stamp is Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Tammy (nanatam) from the USA sent me this notecard for the Favorite Scripture Swap, and she even included a sheet of stickers! Thank you :)

And then we also have this card
which was sent by Trisk from Brazil :) I won it from a lottery in the forum. 

A very nice Taiwanese swapper sent me this IKEA favorite of mine for the AR-Postcard Swap #8.


3) Here's a new postcard from a new country! Hoping I could be pals with this guy!

He sent this postcard inside a brown envelope, and was from this place itself - Dar Es Salaam Tanzania. This postcard made me change my perspective more of this country. Thank you!

4) One of my pals from Thailand, Nathan, has replied me in his letter... with very cool stamps!

5) And here, you can find two of the new friendship books I made. They're much better to look at when they're taken of a picture, instead of scanning. Hehhee... If only I have border stickers, I could probably make these more beautiful :o


and here's one that I still got to send


Aren't Domokun so Cute?

So that's my update for the meantime. When I'm not that much busy with studies, I'll try to post more. I am especially active in blogging when it's around April to May as that's my vacation. Hehehe...


PS. This card from the Netherlands was also part of my favorites: (4 times)



  1. This is pretty impressive, to keep up with both sending stuff out, and blogging about what you received. Love the cards. I inherited my grandmother's collection a long time ago, and have many vintage travel and holiday cards. SuziLB from Swap bot. ☆ Follow Me On Blogger ☆

  2. I love having a full mailbox! It's make me so happy!
    Hi from swapbot :)


  3. Awesome postcards! Do you collect postcards? From my child's years I love to receive mail:-) And I was corresponding on an early age too. Enjoy your full mailbox^_^
    Lucine for the 'Follow me # 11' swap @ swap-bot.com

  4. Marvelous mailbox finds ;) These are an impressive assortment of postcards, how do you keep track of or store them? I loved the Malta postcard and the walrus design from Ikea...sweet!
    For the Follow me #11 swap on swap-bot.com

  5. Haha! I love the domokun series. :)
    I also like to learn the country and culture through postcards and stamps :)

    -- cfchai (Follow me #11)

  6. The last one seems to enter my brain when I`m looking at it for a long time! Crazy thing.

  7. Very cool postcards! It's great you keep track of your collection. I adore the owl and walrus postcards. {glamazon08 via Swap-Bot}

  8. You have such lovely postcards!! I love the Angry Birds one from Finland! The optical illusion one from the Netherlands is also awesome!!

    Davisbabe from Swap-bot Follow me #11

  9. WOW Your Blog is cool! You get realy interesting and lovely looking mail from all over the world!!! COOL!!! I love swap bot ;) ... Hugs and always Happy swapping maybe we meet in one some day! Avalonia

  10. Lovely cards!

    Katrina Alana (swap-bot)