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Monday, June 4, 2012

Big Package of Friendship Books, Hanseatic City of Lübeck, Tsarkoye Selo

I was calling my school today because of some questions I have regarding my enrollment, and while I was on the phone... Mr. Rudy Amaya, the postman (and now you know his name) gave these..

That big package from Malaysia makes me excite... while that white piece of paper makes me so nervous.

Nervous because I have another Parcel Notice that I have to claim. (-__-)
I have Four of these in my hands, and I should claim them as soon as I can. Each parcel that I have to claim costs Php 40 or around a dollar. I could  have used the money to send 3 postcards or a letter in Europe. Well so much for that... 

I believe I have posted one like this before, but I still want you guys to see:

Now that I have my own postal ID, I don't depend anymore to my nice postman for his signature. I used to make him sign these notices so I can get my parcel... not anymore! (*^▽^*)

So for our first postcard, here's a card sent by Nordbaer from Germany. He hosted the "FIVE years of fun" in celebration for his fifth anniversary in the forum.
He gave away Five Surprise Prizes, and drew another five participants who'll get a written and stamped postcard.

He got me a new card for my UNESCO Collection. *(^O^)* 

This card came from Anna (Anchuta), and shows Tsarkoye Selo... St. Petersburg. This card was sent through Walltype (#1)

Just love that stamp...the texture seems engraved : 3

Meanwhile, this is the insides of the envelope sent to me by Ate Ashley (verlustangst). It has been a long while since I got a thick pack of mail. Weighed this one out, and it was around a lumping 300 grams!
WOAH for me...

Thank you very much for these! I'll make sure they get passed soon. (Hoping you do well at work!)

Lots of friendship books and label bags here.

There's also one friendship book there made for a certain individual in the Philippines. I'm so happy that I finally saw another one again! I don't see Filipinos swap these friendship books lately, but anyways... I think that fb has been travelling for around 8-10 years.
Better return her full FB now to her.

And just recently, I was able to contact her via email and facebook.. (whoo! good thing she has an email addy), and saw that she's happily married now, with a son in the UK. :) Awww.. 

BTW, I'm giving away some FBs and bags to Filipino individuals who's into penpalling, or who would like to see what friendship books and label bags look like and be able to pass them up.
 Just leave a comment, and I'll prepare it while I still have time in my hands.


  1. Wow! That's a lot!!

    A friendship book...I wanted to try that in the past, but I didn't know how to proceed with it :(

    I hope you can pass up an FB to me, please :)

    1. Thanks for commenting!

      You'll get more than one ;) Hihi

      Just going to need your address for this one :D

  2. wow that is a lot of goodies from the mail! i love receiving those + the parcel notices are one of my most favorite things! :)

    i do not know how this friendship book works, but i'd love to try it, care to share it with me? i also wonder where you find those people to swap parcels with, i would love to join the snail mail fun, toO! ^_^


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