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Friday, June 1, 2012

Featured Blog: The Little Girl from the Big City

Sewing and Knitting,
Making cakes and cupcakes

That's what's Denise's blog is all about. Here you'll see the creativity of this 22 year old Dutch gal posting about her passion in her hobbies. 

She makes scrumptious cupcakes and cakes like these:

Some of her handmade cards:

Isn't that talent? I hope I could also learn how to bake a cake. Wonder when will our oven work again...
What I find great is that she's a student, and she manages her time to make these. :)

Do follow Denise here in her blog:

Her blog is written in Dutch, but since there's the Google Translate... that will make it more easier for you guys to read her blog posts.

#All pictures are credited to Denise Carlier.

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