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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Parcels and Cards

Our Internet connection has been down lately... so I haven't been able to post what I have been sending and receiving. Well, last week... I have received these cards:

Received on June 5, Tuesday from seeing who made a private swap with me in exchange for a birthday card for her friend. So sweet :)

The following day, June 6, I got this card from my regular postcard swapper, Mme Annick from France. She sent me this postcard... which is in my favorites! Thank you so much <3

For Monday's mail... which was June 11... I got these lot:

A Korean Periodical, Two Postcards, One mail from Joyce Meyer Ministries, an envelope... and another parcel notice.

This postcard was sent by kirjakko from Bookcrossing... aww. She has went to Berchtesgaden, Königssee, and Kehlsteinhaus  in or almost on the border of Germany and Austria. How cool is that! Thank you for sending me a postcard!

This postcard is a from Suzanne1804's project: "receive a card from a student and send one back"

The host is a teacher, who wants her students to learn and enjoy writing good english sentences. I have participated in her project before (I think this is the second time, or the third?), and always enjoy it.
On the back, a student named Reno, 13, and who likes to play the PS3,
 mentions that this is the place where he lives. 

This just makes me realized that I love to participate in helping people with their projects ^0^

June 11, I really cannot miss this chance to go to the post office in Quezon City... where my parcels are held. It's because, one or two of my parcels will be returned if I don't claim them by this day.  June 12, is the day where we celebrate our Independence Day, and by then, offices are closed.

Claiming the parcels, the guy mentioned that my payment for them was incomplete. Puzzled, I asked why??
And it's all because, I have a 7TH PARCEL to claim!

(UBOS PERA... tsk tsk) Money Gone.
Before I show you guys what are the 7 lucky parcels that I receive... here are the contents of that envelope... the one in the middle of the Korean periodical, and mail from Joyce Meyer.

A notecard "Drawing of a woman's head" by Leonarda da Vinci

Well, these cards are from the May Postcard Train (International), hosted by ladyaries7.
You take out as many postcards you like, then replace the same amount. 
Going to send them next to EnchantedKittenz in Canada.

Scanned these pcs as well.

SO, here we are... the 7 lucky parcels. I'll reveal them to you next time ;)
Stay tuned.

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  1. I love the picture of (what I assume is) your parcel pick up slips! How awesome!! What a wonderful mail day!

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