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Friday, June 1, 2012

Bye bye Caroline... the stuffed bear

Today, Caroline, the toy that I have hosted, is finally going back to Germany. It has been a great adventure on being her host. I was preoccupied lately with stuff, and didn't managed to send her quickly... but at least, I still got her on a nice adventure. She stayed for almost 6 months! Sooo long.. Here's a picture together with the other stuff that I sent (as my way of saying sorry as well for making her wait for so long)

A shawl, a pen, an air bag, some postcards, her diary... and a set of Philippine coins which are not included in the picture.

Meanwhile, I also tried sending via surface mail today. I sent a birthday card today to Janice from the US, who's birthday is still in December. Currently, I am experimenting surface mail. I have experimented Surface Air Mail... and now surface mail. Wondering how long it will arrive. My guess would be 3 months.

Here are some postcards that I have sent:

I have included there 3 Chain RR Cards, but I wasn't able to send them. I'll probably send them next time. 
The lighthouse card over there is Janice's card (see picture above)
Most of them are official cards. That Pochacco letter goes to Clea, a new friend of mine whom I will get to know more about.

This is an aerogramme that I sent to Abra_Kadaver from Germany. I really had a hard time picking on what postcard to send to him. Since he mentioned that I can also send a letter, I just picked sending one to him instead. This is the back of the aerogram.

and as for the mail received.... I got two today:

One is from RBC Ministries, who always sends me good reading materials. What I found amazing is that, whatever I am facing right now... the booklet they send always seem to fit in my situation. 
They always use stamps, so I'm also happy. I have cut these stamps, and send them to the stamp RR that I am part of. I find it nice whenever I receive Philippine mail with commemorative stamps.

Kudos to the post office in Greenhills!

There's another new card here sent by Juho, a grandfather, one of the most active Finnish senders, and a postcrossing supporter from Finland. He sent a Moomin card, with a matching Moomin stamp. Another card for my collection : D
FI-1433518 has travelled 8,894 km for 10 days. Finland really has quick post.
I sent him a long message expressing my thanks and how he reminded me of my past granddad, and I feel so blessed that he replied.
Toivon kaikkea parasta sinulle! He said. 
That means "All the best to you!"
 He even ended his message with the title "Lolo" before his name.
Lolo Juho from Finland

*Lolo is the Filipino term for grandfather.
*Apo for grandchild

So sweet :)

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