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Thursday, May 24, 2012

18th Birthday Card to LAlala Lyra :D

My friend, Lyra Santiago, celebrated her 18th birthday last May 17, 2012 at a resort in Montalban, Rizal. I wasn't able to give my gift that day so I decided to send her the birthday card I bought through mail. I hope she will be surprised :)

I also sent a reply to Mr. Roland Holm of Sweden, and Aira (my sister)'s  first postcrossing card to Taiwan.

I was also happy today because I got the opportunity to buy commemorative/special stamps. For the past few months, the local post office was out of stock.. and now, I bought these:

2 souvenir sheets of Ateneo de Zamboanga University

and some stamps featuring Davao's 75th

I used three stamps in today's mail.. so that's why it seems missing.

Arriving home, I got this Chain RR postcard of Leksi from Russia, sent by yuen of China.

I'm looking forward to picking out what stamp she might like :)

Oh, and for the last part... 
I want to share this picture of those who went to her birthday partay...

The one in the middle, that's her alright. 
The one who's wearing yellow is Jayvie Piamonte :)
Next is Jannie Fabic (white)
Lyra Santiago (white)
Janine Peralta (white)
Jerome Moreno 
Christopher Natalio aka Kuya Tophe (Blue)
Neil Fordan aka Tropa 
Krizia Diaz
Jadelyn Celis (Grey)

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