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Friday, May 25, 2012

Shakespeare, Jetoy, Acapulco (Mexico), National Geographic, stamps,

I made a trip to the post office again, because I am about to drop Caroline in the mail. I failed to do so. But still I sent the following:

  • A late birthday card to my young cousin in Australia
  • A postcard to a my brother who's in Pampanga..
  • An official card 
  • Two envelopes with three postcards each going to Singapore for a private swap

Well, I saw this postcard around my postcards, so I thought of scanning and featuring it here.
I received this Shakespeare postcard sent by a nice bookcrosser, from UK. Thank you Anne-Elliot (Kim Lange). She was the one who also sent me my first Penguin Book (in my favorites) postcard :)

For Friday's mail, I got these:

A Jetoy Card from a private swap from Emma (CYF). Thank you Emma for sending me this postcard, and for the lengthy message. You write great in English : ]  It's in my favorites, and was favorited 16 times.

Top - Published in October 2011
Below - September 1998

This postcard was sent by a nice bookcrosser. Thank you Camikatzy for the Acapulco PC. It's my very first postcard from Mexico, and I must say that I like it a lot. The stamps are great... 
Vista aerea de la zona hotelera
Aerial view of the main hotels

Tita Lynette (Biker) sent me DE - 1369350, a nice lion postcard (inspired from my profile).  I find her and this card cool! My first National Geographic card. She sent a separate note via PM, and sent this inside ann envelope together with a business card and a Dutch stamp.
This card travelled 10,257 km for 18 days.

Another envelope of stamps from pumuckl. This is brickfield's stamp bag, and I must say... they're pretty awesome! Saw rare countries like Rwanda and Antigua. I tried scanning the envelope, but I think I forgot to save it. Mr. Ulrich sent an envelope with nice stamps, and a nice postmark. 

I saw this postcard right now. My sister mentioned to me that it was also in the pile of mail that I received last Friday, but I guess I didn't noticed it.

This card, RU - 909490 is from Russia, sent by Veronika (nika_kre) and travelled 8, 648 km  or 5,374 miles in 46 days.
The Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. View of the Peter and Paul Fortress

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