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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chain Card RR Here :)

This was an official card I received from the Netherlands some days ago...
NL-1187805 was sent by Mariposa-878, and this card travelled 10, 359 km in 19 days. 

I really like bicycles : )

Art Unlimited

Usually, I don't get mail during Monday. I used to get loads before, and since then before, Monday has become my favorite mail day...

Anyway, I received five awesome mailness today:

Strawberries as grown in Washington

This postcard was from the Random Postcard Swap #13 that I hosted. This postcard was sent by Millicent from Washington. She's a SAHM of 3 kids. She got pretty dogs stamps for meh : 3

Next is this neat altered card, an official postcard from Nastola, Finland sent by Tito Arto (Knight60). This postcard travelled 8,867 km in 16 days.

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Aurora borealis

I also got two penpal letters. One is a reply letter from Oksana from Russia, and the other is from Lisa of Austria. I forgot what I wrote to Oksana before, : / She sent a two (2) back to back paged letter, some pictures, and a neat card.
The building of the Academic Drama Theatre named after M. Gorky.
Architects - academicians A.V. Shchuko and V.G. Galfreich.
1, Teatralnaya Square.

Stamps from her envelope
Lisa managed to send two friendship books together with her letter.

and the best for the last is that I finally received my first Chain Card! 
Thank you to everyone:

 ♥ Ellen/Taiwan
♥yuen/Hong Kong
It travelled to these places.
I got this postcard, together with 4-5 more postcards from my father who got it somewhere (a trade fair??). I think this is from Boracay.
January 20 to May 21, 2012

This Chain Card was the card that I returned back to Flamingold. I feel bad about putting definitive stamps... but anyway, I just feel funny because the local post office even cancelled out those stamps that are not even from the Philippines : p

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